Table multi filtering option in a col

hi guys !!
I was grateful whenever I got the advice from here!!

in my dash table, (it works well)
I find something wrong, when I try to multi option in a col to filter.(I apply this option, sort_action=“native”,)
when I filter one word in a col, it works.

however Python-Driven Filtering, Paging, Sorting | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly, this example page,
I tested same thing(I filtered As|Eu then it worked) , it worked!

so, my question is that, should I make a cushion filtering code. like below… ?
or I am Korea, so it depends on the language or etc… ?

I love this option, , sort_action=“native” !!!
but it is not be able to filter multi words, I should make custom input filter.

help me ~!!

operators = [['ge ', '>='], ['le ', '<='], ['lt ', '<'], ['gt ', '>'], ['ne ', '!='], ['eq ', '='], ['contains '], ['datestartswith ']]

def split_filter_part(filter_part):
for operator_type in operators:
for operator in operator_type:
if operator in filter_part:
name_part, value_part = filter_part.split(operator, 1)
name = name_part[name_part.find(‘{’) + 1: name_part.rfind(‘}’)]

            value_part = value_part.strip()
            v0 = value_part[0]
            if (v0 == value_part[-1] and v0 in ("'", '"', '`')):
                value = value_part[1: -1].replace('\\' + v0, v0)
                    value = float(value_part)
                except ValueError:
                    value = value_part

            # word operators need spaces after them in the filter string,
            # but we don't want these later
            return name, operator_type[0].strip(), value

return [None] * 3. <--- this is from the example page.

self reply !!

I got solved this! I should make the custom filter code to solve this problem.


Hey @Y.J
Glad you found a solution with custom filter code, but be sure to check out the filtering with dash-ag-grid. The filter features are powerful and easy to use :cake:

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