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Synced relayoutData across multiple scatter3d graphs

Say I have 4 scatter3d graphs


With a callback that returns the figure for the graphs (non reproducable code)

mydata = dict(
        mode = "markers",
        name = "All Points",
        type = "scatter3d",
        opacity = 1,
        x = df['x'].values, 
        y = df['y'].values, 
        z = df['z'].values,
        ids = df['id'].values,
        text = df['id'].values,
        hoverinfo = 'text',
        marker = dict( size=20, color="red", opacity=0.9, line=dict(width=1,color="black"))
fig = dict( data=mydata)

If I zoom in/pan/move one of the graphs, I would like to have it synced across all other graphs. How do I achieve this?

Hi @aochtman you can find an example in this post.