SVG parcoords - Avoid raster graphics

Hi everyone,

when you use


to save an parcoords image as .svg/.pdf, some parts of the image (the graphs) will still be
raster graphics.
Unfortunately, i have not found any option to avoid this behaviour.
Is there any option or workaround known for this issue?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi, and welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, though, this is not technically possible, as parcoords doesnโ€™t use a vector engine at all for display.

I think I have the same raster text on the axis which doesnโ€™t make sense for me (min, max value are in vector format), only the scale is in ugly raster format, very clearly visible on a large (10+ meter) screen. Surprised by the answer โ€œnot technically possibleโ€, but it is possible for the title, min, max values to be correctly displayed (in a vector format).