Surface3D with customdata


I working with plotly in python in order to create a sphere.
First, I have phi, theta and power which are 3 arrays of n values.

    phi, theta, power
   [  0.,   0.,  30.],
   [ 15.,   0.,  30.],
   [ 30.,   0.,  30.],
   [345.,   0.,  30.],
   [360.,   0.,  30.],
   [  0.,  15.,  30.],
   [ 15.,  15.,  30.],
   [ 30.,  15.,  30.],
   [360.,  15.,  30.],
   [345., 180.,  30.],
   [360., 180.,  30.]])

Then, I have to create x, y and z which are 13x25 matrix. When I run the code, I have perfectly what I want concerning the visualisation of the sphere. But, the custom data doesn’t work, for example, some points don’t have value.

fig = go.Figure(data=[go.Surface(x=x, y=y, z=z,






Can you help me ?

Thank you in advance.

Help @pierredamien welcome to the Plotly family :hugs:
Are you referring to the hover that is missing some values?
What is your customdata?

Yes, I am refering to the hover values. Because the plot only show x,y and z which is by default. But I would like also to see with hover the value for phi theta and power.
So this is what I would like for my customdata.

I’m not qute sure I understood the definition of your theta, phi and power. Here is an example when they are defined as arrays of the same shape like x, y, z:

import numpy as np
from numpy import pi, cos, sin
import plotly.graph_objects as go

theta = np.linspace(0, 2*pi, 72)
phi = np.linspace(-pi/2, pi/2, 36)
theta, phi = np.meshgrid(theta, phi)
x = cos(theta) * cos(phi)
y = sin(theta) * cos(phi)
z = sin(phi)

power = np.random.randint(2, 10, theta.shape)
customdata = np.stack((theta, phi, power), axis=-1)

hover = 'theta: %{customdata[0]:.3f}'+\
        '<br>phi: %{customdata[1]: .3f}'+\
        '<br>power: %{customdata[2]:.3f}<extra></extra>'

fig = go.Figure(go.Surface(x=x, y=y, z=z, 
                 hovertemplate = hover))

In fact I wanted to plot an antenna radio pattern so I have theta and phi which change to measure the power received. Then with these measurements I have to plot the radio pattern.
You answer seems to be interesting but if you hover the plot some points are missing too.


I don’t know why the hover text is displayied like that for you.
Here is my plot (Plotly 4.9.0):

Do you get all the points from the entire sphere ? Even behind the sphere of the default camera ?


You are right!! I think there is a bug in displaying hovertemplate for 3d, because if I rotate the sphere, the hovertext looks like in your posted image above.
I’ve just opened this issue on plotly.js.

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Ok great thank you ! Fortunately, I can use scatter3d for the moment which is working. So, I will wait for the hovertemplate of surface3d !
Thank you again for your help.

Is it a problem if you opened the issue on plotly.js instead of ?

@pierredamien This is a plotly.js issue not a is built on top of plotly.js. The latter is responsible for displaying the charts.

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