Surface3D - contour based on surfacecolor value

is possible to show a contour line based on surfacecolor values instead of Z axis values?

I have a 2D surface (slice) in 3D chart (tomography).
I would to draw contour based on surfacecolor values and show it.

Hope this demo may help.

That could also be possible using mesh3d and vertexcolor.
Would you like to have a demo for that one too?

really thank you for your fast reply.

The first solutions is almost what I need, it shows a contour created taking z-data values as source.
What I have to do is have the same result but using surfacecolor-data as source for the contour.

Also may you show me an example of vertexcolor too?


Using mesh3d to create static contours seems not possible at this moment.
But here is another demo using surface plot that may be of interest.

Really thank you for your help!
The last solution in really not bad, in that way I can draw contours on all the chart surfaces in one shot.
It only needs some way to show contours label.
Any suggestions?

Hi archmoj,
I think that the possibility of graw a 3D surfaces contours line is important for my project.
Do you think I can suggest this feature as possible implementation on plotlyJS library?

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any news about this feature?

Iā€™m still working with this great library.
So if someone has news please let me know.

Here is a demo that makes use of new opacityscale attribute.