Sunburst scale bar doesn't apear

I am using plotly==5.7.0 and plotly-express== 0.4.1 in django application.
so I made a sunburst chart the problem is the scale bar doesn’t appear on the page?
and this is my code what do I need to add or modify to get it?

fig = px.sunburst(path=[Field_names,Well_names], values=Test_Pructn, hover_name=Well_names,
        range_color =[0,100],
        template= 'plotly_dark'
fig.update_traces(textinfo='label+percent entry')
chart = fig.to_html()

the chart is well but showed without the scale bar

I found the problem, so np can’t normalize the values with zero, so I dropped those values from my list.

then I converted all values to float (I am using data from Django queryset).

and it works :slight_smile:

All my best