Sunburst chart gives empty output

I have to plot two sunburst charts from a Dataframe. My dataframe includes client, internal teams, value to invoice, value invoiced.
While successfully I can draw sunburst chart for value invoiced with [‘month’, ‘internal teams’, ‘client’] path, it gives me the empty chart for ‘value to invoice’

                    col1, col2, col3 = st.columns(3)
                    fig1=px.sunburst(st.session_state['onorari_team_graph'][st.session_state['onorari_team_graph']['month']==st.session_state['C_T_M']], path=['month', 'team', 'commessa'], values='Onorari fatturabili',title='Onorari fatturabili')

                    fig2=px.sunburst(st.session_state['onorari_team_graph'][st.session_state['onorari_team_graph']['month']==st.session_state['C_T_M']], path=['month', 'team', 'commessa'], values='di cui fatturati', title='di cui fatturati' )

                    fig3=px.sunburst(st.session_state['onorari_team_graph'][st.session_state['onorari_team_graph']['month']==st.session_state['C_T_M']], path=['month', 'team', 'commessa'], values='da fatturare (rolling)', title='da fatturare (rolling)')

                    with col1:
                        st.plotly_chart(fig1, theme="streamlit")
                    with col2:
                        st.plotly_chart(fig2, theme="streamlit")
                    with col3:
                        st.plotly_chart(fig3, theme="streamlit")

Hi there.
Without the data, difficult to comment, but, I have had such issues with sunburst.
suggest check 1) No values are negatives (since you talked of value of invoice).
2) Leaf node value is not larger than parent node.
3) convert dataframe columns to numeric (to_numeric())
Any such error and it will print blank chart !
Good luck.