Sufrace 3d cvs table import; scaling is same on x,y

Hi community,

I am new to ploty and made a nice 3d surface plot.

but I could not scale correctly xaxis and yaxis because I could not find the first line of my cvs file in the data.

Here is my cvs file and the first line is missing in the data

So first line should be xaxis
second line begins with zaxis as first value and then the y-values are in the line.
and I can see a 20x23 for x,y in the surface because we have 20 y values in each line and 23 x
but the first line as xaxis …its missing !

I used Topographical 3D Surface Plot with Mt Bruno Elevation as 1:1 example from here.

This is a linear x,y and I have a no linear on x that should match with y values in matrix
In the example above it the same problem if you change the x,y x =x2 and y=y3 you will get still 0-23 and 0-24 in the plot for x and y !
Range could not fix !
Scale could not fix !

Any hints for me how I can get my x-axis to the plot ?
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