Subplots with toolbar and legend for each

Hi, is this possible? I have multiple subplots so the user can zoom in synchronously. Since there are a lot of plots, I need the toolbar and legend to stay at each plot like it looks when i have completely separate plots.

Is this possible usingsublots somehow and if not, what would be the best approach to achieve this and still be able to zoom in synchronously on multiple plots?


Anyone? Is there a possibility to show the legend/toolbar for each subplot separately? I think I just don’t find it.

Hi @dashuser2 unfortunately it is not possible to have per subplot legend at the moment. There is an open issue for this, and can subscribe to the issue to get notifications. This represents substantial work and sponsoring from an organization interested in this feature would accelerate this development.
You can partially emulate the legend by adding annotations to each subplot.

Hi @Emmanuelle, thanks for your answer. How would this emulation look like?