Subplots with 3d and 2d scatter plots, Including shared legend, animation and slider

Im trying to display the same data in a 2d and 3d form next to each other using scatter plots. But I also need any animation, slider and legend changes to effect both charts equally. At this point it feels like i have tried everything but the different dimension count is preventing the frames section of the code from running???

You cannot represent the same data, both in 2d and 3d, because in 2d a point has two coordinates, (x,y), while in 3d three coordinates, (x,y,z). Are your 2d data represented in a plane included in the 3d space? You should provide data and code you tried so far.

I have managed to get a 3d and 2d scatter to show up in separate windows of the same subplot which is what i want but when i try to add a shared animation button and slider that it stops liking the 2 types of data.

Hello @gub,

If you are open to using Dash, this could be an option to have one slider for animations.