Subplots overlap when there are too many


I am trying to display an array of 3d scatter plots. There are 2 rows and up to 50 plots per row. When I display around ten of these plots per row, everything looks fine like this:

However, when I want to display around 40 plots per column, the subplots overlap:

I have tried vertical_spacing, horizontal spacing, row_heights and column_widths. While spacing was able to resolve the overlap it resulted in the subplots ending up all over the place. Row heights and column widths however had no effect at all (as they are just relative sizes).
Is there a way to unclutter the subplots, for example by setting an absolute size on each subplot?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @wandelblatt welcome to the forums.

Does the figure with and height have an effect on this behaviour?

fig.update_layout(height=xx, width=xx)


seemingly not, let me share a few different parameters:

This is when it is set too 400x300 and it is cluttered.

Here it is at 4000x3000 and the subplots still overlap.