Subplot titles not showing for Surface plots

I want the subplots to have separate titles and a figure title. It should be as simple as supplying subplot_titles=('Plot 1', 'Plot 2', 'Plot 3', 'Plot 4') when creating the figure but that doesn’t seem to work. To test it I copied the code from 3D Surface Subplots Example and added the line mentioned above and in subplots example when creating subplots but it returns an error:

IndexError: list index out of range

So do the 3D plots not support subplot titles?

Is there a way to do hack using annotations? From my understanding they are for data points not plots.



I am having the same issue, it looks like it’s not possible to add subplot titles for 3d subplots

import plotly as py,cols=2,
    specs=[[{'is_3d': True}, {'is_3d': True}], [{'is_3d': True}, {'is_3d': True}]])

here is the error I get:

line 1330, in make_subplots
plot_titles.append({‘y’: subtitle_pos_y[index],
IndexError: list index out of range

This is my workaround using annotations, I remove the “subplot_titles” argument from the make_subplots function:,cols=2,
        specs=[[{'is_3d': True}, {'is_3d': True}], [{'is_3d': True}, {'is_3d': True}]])

and I use the corresponding scene with annotation.
remember subplot scene names are scene1, scene2, …

fig['layout']['my scene name'].update(annotations=[dict(z=40, text='my title', showarrow=False)])

You can pass proper x,y, z values based on your plot.
The final result will be something like this:

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Thank you for this answer.

However, I can not make it work.

Could you please show a full example ?
Thank you very much for your help,

Pauline Maury Laribiere

Hi All,

Subplot titles for 3d subplots will be working in version 4. You can try out the future version 4 behavior in version 3.10 by starting your notebook/script with the following future import

from _plotly_future_ import v4_subplots

Hope that helps,