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Styling text typed into a searchable dropdown

I’m having a hard time changing the color of the text that is typed into a searchable dcc.dropdown in my dash app. The color of the elements of the dropdown is fine but the text input by the user to be searched is stuck to the default css color of black which makes it hard to see on the dark background of the container.

Ex) https://i.stack.imgur.com/DH2Cf.png

How can I style this text differently either with the ‘style’ attribute or in CSS?

Setting style={'color':'white'} for the dropdown doesn’t seem to affect it either but I’ve found the CSS for the dropdown’s placeholder text which I can change the text color of like so:

.Select-placeholder {
  color: #FFFFFF;

I’m guessing there’s a similar way to do this for the typed input text that I just can seem to find.

Thank you!

You ever seem to answer your own question right after posting it? Lol my solution in case anyone else comes across this:

.Select input{
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