Style_data_conditional with booleans

Hi all,

I’ve encountered an issue when trying to use style_data_conditional to disable (and grey out), one column if a second column has a boolean value set to “True”. Unfortunately I can’t find any way to query the boolean - e.g. just using it as a plain string, treating it as the number 1, writing down True. I’ve attached an example below (querying for False instead of True):

however we did eventually find that using a query with something like >0.5 worked, as shown below. This is despite the query ==1 not working.

So although the code here “works” it is an accidental work around and I haven’t found the root cause. Does anyone know the correct way to treat booleans in this case?



I wonder if forcing the column type might help:

type (a value equal to: 'any', 'numeric', 'text', 'datetime'; optional): The data-type of the column's data.

Maybe explicity set it to “text” and see if eq False works then (or numeric and ==1, etc.)