Streaming graphs locally


How would I stream plotly graphs locally? In my case I’m doing some machine learning, and want to stream training data real time to a local server.

This doesn’t appear to be a plotly.js related question.

The plotly streaming services are only for streaming data through our platform. To stream data to a graph locally, you will need to implement your own streaming service and as data is received, add it to your chart (likely using long polling or websockets).

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possible to resume streaming? i.e. append data to existing plot

You can look at the Plotly.extendtraces and Plotly.prependtraces for pushing new points to the end or front of an existing trace attribute respectively.

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Hey, do you know if i can set a minimum xrange on a streaming chart ? ( I’m using time as the x-axis…)

How did you learn about prependTraces and extendTraces? I’m surprised they still haven’t been documented (see, which for some odd reason I can’t link to.

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