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Stacking and scaling bar charts


I’m trying to use some bar charts to plot the amount of different fluids found at some length away from an arbitrary starting point. Here’s a pen to demonstrate the basic concept.

I’ve noticed that the bar chart lengths don’t quite help visualise the relative quantities of each fluid found at a particular distance. I was expecting plotly to make all the other fluids stack on top of the fluid with the greatest volume.

How do I change this bar chart so that the bar charts show relative quantities? Any help would be appreciated.


Quantities relative to what value exactly? The total of all x on your graph, the total at each y coordinate or something else?

Hi etienne, thanks for getting back!

To answer your question, the total at each y coordinate.

Based on your response, I have a feeling this is only possible using relative percentages, which is fine too :slight_smile: . I’d rather explore the option of seeing what plotly is capable of first, before I crunch the numbers.