Speeding up the dash

Hey community- I am working on a dash. The csv file has around 280000 observations and 42 columns. The dash takes around 30 seconds to display after clicking Submit on the Login page.
I want to know that is there any way to speed up the loading of dash.
Also when toggling between the tabs, it takes around 20 seconds.
How to rectify the same ?

Please guide

CSVs can be slow to read because they are a text format that has to be parsed. If you’re working with pandas you could consider saving your data to a binary format using, for example, pd.HDFStore or pd.DataFrame.to_feather. That should speed up your initial load of the data.

Hard to know what is causing tab switching to be slow without additional information, but you could consider caching some of your data maybe if you’re carrying a lot of it around?

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