Specifying a color for each point in a 3d scatter plot

Hi - I’m attempting to make a 3d scatter plot with one data set in which I specify the color for each point. To be clear, I don’t want a color function, rather I’d like to explicitly specify a color (via RGB value or similar) for each data point.

I’m a beginner with Plotly, but I’ve got the basics down of using Scatted3D from the tutorial examples. What I can’t figure out is how to do the explicit colors.


Hi @west999,
A scatter3d trace with a given color for each point is defined as follows:

           marker=dict(color=[f'rgb({np.random.randint(0,256)}, {np.random.randint(0,256)}, {np.random.randint(0,256)})' for _ in range(25)],

i.e. the color value is a list of color codes of len equal to the number of points. Here I defined 25 random rgb color codes, via f-strings in Python 3.6+.