Space between ticks in dimensions of parallel coordinates

Hi everyone!

I’ve plotted my data using parallel coordinates, but I do not like that the words in the last dimension overlap too much. I was looking for ways to set a fixed gap in between each tick so the tick labels are readable, but I don’t find anything like that in the documentation.

Here’s a screenshot to the plot:

You can find my code (with only that dimension) below:

data = [
        line = dict(color = frquency_colors,
                    showscale = True,
                    colorbar = dict(
                        nticks=key_max if key_max < 3 else None,
                        title = 'Frequencies',
                        titleside = 'top',
                        ticks = 'outside',
                        thickness = 15,
        dimensions = list([
            dict(label='Target Word',

Any help is welcomed and appreciated.

The only workaround I’ve found so far is to display the graph using an IFrame in a jupyter notebook. With that I can specify the width and the height of the plot. Tweaking the height I can enlarge the axis and, at the same time, the space in between the ticks:

plot = py.iplot(data)

from IPython.display import IFrame
IFrame(plot.resource, width=700, height=900)

This is good enough for me, so I will leave the thread open for a couple of days and if nothing else appears, I will close it.

Hi @gaguilar,

You can set the figure width/height directly using the layout.width/layout.height properties.

Something like

fig = go.Figure(data=data, layout=go.Layout(height=800,  width=700))