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Sorting slices in sunburst and disabling animations?

Hi all

I’m working on a dashboard application that uses plotly.js. I am using a sunburst plot.
For my usecase it would be nice if I could determine where which slices go. I thought that sorting labels and ids would do the trick but this is not the case. I think the placement is based on the amount of children a certain parent has. Is there a possibility to alter this behaviour?

A second question is if it’s possible to disable the sunburst animation when clicking on a slice since it serves no purpose for my case.

Thanks in advance,

Not at the moment unfortunately.

Here’s how:

Thanks for your help, Etienne. Exactly what I was looking for!

Hi @etienne is the feature to sort sunburst slices under development and if so, would you be able to advise in which quarter it’ll be released? Thanks in advance

Not at the moment. But you could open a feature request issue here:

Hi @etienne! Any news on the topic (manual slice sorting)?

Hi @etienne,

Do you know also how I can disable the animation in python? Thank you in advance!