Sorting Bar chart according to Y axis cateogory

Within my bar chart I would like to either have one chart with the highest - lowest rapid rapid charging possible and another with not possible or have one chart in which the rapid charging are in order from highest - lowest and not possible is at the end of smallest.

My code is:

fig =, x=“Brand”, color=‘RapidCharge’, pattern_shape_sequence=[“x”, “+”], height=400)

fig.update_xaxes(categoryorder=‘total descending’)

title=“RapidCharge Across Brands”,
legend_title=“RapidCharge (Y/N)”,
family=“Times New Roman”,

My current chart view is:

Hi @Dashz, unfortunately I did not understand, what you are trying to do.

For future posts: could you please format your code for better readibility?

How do you filter out a specific value from the row of a column within a bar chart