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Some of features of modebar didn't show up in Shiny with Plotly

This is an example from the book https://plotly-r.com/linking-views-with-shiny.html. I know there was someone asked this question before, but he didn’t provide the example.

The problem is some of options of modebar didn’t show up like normal, then I try so many ways, but it’s the same.

library(purrr) # just for `%||%`

categories <- unique(sales$category)

ui <- fluidPage(plotlyOutput("pie"), uiOutput("back"))

server <- function(input, output, session) {
  # for maintaining the current category (i.e. selection)
  current_category <- reactiveVal()
  # report sales by category, unless a category is chosen
  sales_data <- reactive({
    if (!length(current_category())) {
      return(count(sales, category, wt = sales))
    sales %>%
      filter(category %in% current_category()) %>%
      count(sub_category, wt = sales)
  # Note that pie charts don't currently attach the label/value
  # with the click data, but we can leverage `customdata` as a workaround
  output$pie <- renderPlotly({
    d <- setNames(sales_data(), c("labels", "values"))
    plot_ly(d) %>%
      add_pie(labels = ~labels, values = ~values, customdata = ~labels) %>%
      layout(title = current_category() %||% "Total Sales")
  # update the current category if the clicked value matches a category
    cd <- event_data("plotly_click")$customdata[[1]]
    if (isTRUE(cd %in% categories)) current_category(cd)
  populate back button if category is chosen
  output$back <- renderUI({
    if (length(current_category()))
      actionButton("clear", "Back", icon("chevron-left"))
  clear the chosen category on back button press
  observeEvent(input$clear, current_category(NULL))

shinyApp(ui, server)