Some new function I think might be useful

I’m doing my internship for a engineering company and I’m using PlotlyJs to build some sample. I need to use two functions which is not provided by plotly now but might be useful.
First one is “marker step”. In a line chart, some times we can have a huge amount of point with marker, but we don’t want all of them displayed. I know plotly have a function to let users assign the amount of markers in the graph, or an array to assign the marker at each point. But is it possible that there is a function we can set a marker every several steps? Like after every 3 point, one marker will be displayed.
Second one is in polar chart, is it possible we can assign an free central area? The proportion of the central area can be set by percentage of radius, if we set this value as 50 percent, then the round which radius is half of the whole polar chart and both round share the same center. Then this central area will not show any data but but the outer ring,
These are some ideas I came up,and it will be good if your team can implement these functions.

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