[Solved] Where to find valid Keyword arguments for html.Div (or any other class)?

When I type help(html.Div) I get help message on the Div class (awesome feature!).

I am interested in the style keyword, because I want to use a vertical align argument to make a Markdown object align to the top of the Div component. How can I do this?

And, more generally, how can I find information on the Keyword arguments? A list of all valid keywords would be good. If it is somewhere in the repo, please share I’d gladly look it up there.

So the “style” keyword just reflects basic CSS attributes? But it uses camel case (https://plot.ly/dash/getting-started – after second “Hello Dash”)??

For the dash_html_components, all of the keyword elements represent HTML
attributes, so you can google e.g. “html input contenteditable”. As you’ve
found, the style attribute represents inline-styles and is referenced
with a dict instead of a string.

Okay, thanks. Makes more sense now. The internet is the docs. :stuck_out_tongue: