[Solved] SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Has anyone encountered a ‘Syntax Error’ while working through the programmatic “Plotly Dashboard” tutorial.

The code I’m working with looks like:

import plotly.dashboard_objs as dashboard

import IPython.display
from IPython.display import Image

my_dboard = dashboard.Dashboard()

def fileId_from_url(url):
""“Return fileId from a url.”""
index = url.find(’~’)
fileId = url[index + 1:]
local_id_index = fileId.find(’/’)

share_key_index = fileId.find('?share_key')
if share_key_index == -1:
    return fileId.replace('/', ':')
    return fileId[:share_key_index].replace('/', ':')

def sharekey_from_url(url):
""“Return the sharekey from a url.”""
index = url.find(‘share_key=’)
return url[index + len(‘share_key=’):]

fileId_1 = fileId_from_url(~dajreamdigital/10#plot)
fileId_2 = fileId_from_url(~dajreamdigital/17)

box_a = {
‘type’: ‘box’,
‘boxType’: ‘plot’,
‘fileId’: fileId_1,
‘title’: ‘scatter-for-dashboard’

text_for_box = “”"


Scatter Plot

  1. Ranging 0 - 500
  2. Even distribution

Box Plot

  1. Similar Range
  2. Outliers present in trace 1 and trace 3

You can view more markdown tips here.

box_b = {
‘type’: ‘box’,
‘boxType’: ‘text’,
‘text’: text_for_box,
‘title’: ‘Markdown Options for Text Box’

box_c = {
‘type’: ‘box’,
‘boxType’: ‘plot’,
‘fileId’: fileId_2,
‘title’: ‘box-for-dashboard’,


and the Traceback is:

File “”, line 29
box_a = {
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Any help would be appreciate.

Thanks, in advance.

@dajreamdigital - it looks llike you’re missing quotes around the line before “box_a”. Instead of fileId_from_url(~dajreamdigital/17) it should be something like fileId_from_url('~dajreamdigital/17')