[Solved] How to to get vars like site.com/?x=123&y=abc for Plotly DASH?

Im trying to find a way to pass and get vars by GET http method, like:

hxxp:/ / site.com/?x=123&y=abc

Into my Plotly Dash app.
(Maybe also by POST?)

some one know if it is posible?

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This isn’t possible in Dash right now. What would you like to do with these

Thanks for your quick response.

I want to do a graph more dynamic. For example for a list of 901 data source:


So, I think need to use a Dropdown List. But I need pass many other params, not only this.

I see. For now, specifying the UI through the URL parameters isn’t possible. I suggest trying to encode your UI through the dash-core-components instead.

In the future, we’ll have a dash_core_components.URL component that may allow you to extract the URL parameters as well as the URL path.

Hi @chriddyp,

Is there any timeline on when the feature of extracting URL parameters will be available?

It’d be really handy!


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