Slow loading: An example app that triggers computation using html.Button and dcc.radioItems

Hi guys, I was able to build successfully a dash app that triggers the computation using html.Button and dcc.radioItems. In my app, I was able to define a single function for all my callbacks and it will start computing once the radio item is ticked. Without hidden html.Button, it is hard to define a function for all my callbacks. My problem that I was trying to resolve is the loading of the page which takes ~90 seconds with 101 hidden html.Buttons. If I reduce to 3 hidden html.Buttons, the loading of the page becomes faster (<5s). My question is: how to reduce the loading time of the page?

This is my app deployed in heroku which takes about 90 secs to load the page:
The process in my app is quite expensive. Please visit the link so that you will know the time it takes to load the page. If you know the solution for reducing the loading time, please let me know.

I’ll make a github repo for this app for your reference and I’ll announce here if it is already available. Thanks for reading. :slight_smile: