Sliders with Date Events

Is it possible to change the appearance of the slider on a graph? I’ve made one following your javascript Basic Range Slider on Timeseries example, so my slider looks like the one in that graph–in other words, the slider is a small-scale replica of the graph. Is it possible to replace this with just a simple horizontal line, or something similar? If so, what would I add to my javascript in order to do that?

Also, is it possible for the graph to start with the slider already positioned somewhere other than at the ends? I have a lot of dates on this graph, so I’d like it to initially show only the last 20 or so, but for users to be able to move the slider to see previous dates on the graph as well. Again, if this is possible, how would I do it?

Finally, when I hover over the graph, the hover events show the date along with the hour (I do not have hour-specific information in my dates, they’re all just like 2016-07-07), but it would show that date as Jul 7 00h. Can I get rid of the hour part and just have it show the Jul 7? Again, this is just in the hover event; the axis is exactly how I want it.


Not at the moment unfortunately.

Yes, that is possible. Here’s how:

You can do so using xaxis.hoverformat.

Thank you so much; that was really helpful!

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