Slider hidden under subplots

I can’t figure out how to have a slider with a 3x3 subplots. I had to manually set the domain for each plot to position them because they’re a mix of 2D and 3D plots.

I want the slider at the bottom or vertically on the left of the plots.



  1. Mixed 2d and 3d subplots can be defined as in this notebook:

  2. I haven’t yet experimented with sliders associated to each subplot, but I think that a function like this one can work:

    def get_sliders(x, y, len, nr_frames, label, prefix, duration=20):
         return [dict(steps= [dict(method= 'animate',#Sets the Plotly method to be called when the
                                             #slider value is changed.
                        args= [[ 'frame{}'.format(k) ],#Sets the arguments values to be passed to
                                                           #the Plotly method set in method on slide
                               dict(mode= 'immediate',
                               frame= dict( duration=duration, redraw= False ),
                                        transition=dict( duration= 0)
                          ) for k in range(nr_frames)],
             transition= dict(duration= 0 ),
             x=x,#slider starting position
                               prefix='Frame: ',
                               xanchor= 'center'
             len=len)#slider length)

After defining the subplots configuration, inspect fig[‘layout’] and looking at the domain for each subplot you can define:

sliders=sliders=get_sliders(0, 0.525, len1, nr_frames1, label1, prefix1)+get_sliders(0.525, 0.525, len2, nr_frames2, label2, prefix2)+get_sliders(0, 0, 1, nr_frames, label3, prefix3) (here I used the domain for each subplot in

!!! a) It is important to give different names to number of frames in each animation, in order
to pass the right one to get_sliders.
b) len1, len2, len3 should be chosen less than the length of x domain for each subplot.

Hey thanks for looking into this. I create the subplots same as you but for some reason all my subplots are in 1 row even though I specify 3.
Here is the functions. I’m trying to create 3x3 Surface plots for now because Heatmap is being buggy.

And the slider is hidden for some reason. I want one slider to control them all, at the bottom. If I look at one row (1x3) subplots, the slider is below the plot area; between the colorbar and the ‘Export to’ and that space is empty when I do it with 3x3 even with fixed domains.

Can you please have a look and tell me what I’m missing?

When you use the make_subplots you don’t have to define the domain for each scene and they show up fine but mine don’t. I was defining domain before when I had Heatmap and Surface that’s why it’s commented out.

Here’s what they look like.


  1. When you define

    figure = tools.make_subplots(rows=3,

the dict figure is initialized with preliminary settings for its key, layout.
Just print figure['layout'] to inspect its keys-values.

When you insert this line:

figure['layout'] = layout

all initial settings disappear.

This is exactly as doing:

x=2 #initial setting

Now x=3 :frowning:

In order to keep the initial keys-values in figure['layout']
you have to update it with the new pairs, key-value (see as example, the last notebook where I defined mixed subplots).

  1. As long as you use figure.append_trace() to assign traces to subplots,
    there is no need to specify the scene in trace definition, as you did, because figure.append_trace(trace_name, i, j)
    does it.

@empet Thanks. Updating layout fixes the issue. I don’t set the scene when defining the traces, only when defining frames. Maybe you misread it.