Slider for just one trace in subplots


I had an issue with Tables with lots of columns and solved it with help from This forum answer.
I now have case where I have subplots - with a scatter at the top and a table below it.
I’d like to have my slider work just on my table and not impact the scatter at all.
As sliders are applied at the figure layout level - is there something I have to do with the slider step args or something so it only targets the table and doesn’t try to update the scatter above it?


If you are performing table restyle, then yes it is possible to act the slider only for[1].
In args dict where you are updating one or more table atributes, insert [1], to let plotly.js “know” that slider is connected to the trace 1.

Perfect thanks! I am using restyle so hopefully this will work then. Will try it out asap!

Do you mean putting the index at the start of each arg value like this -

[{‘args’: [{‘[1]columnorder’:

Or somewhere else?

Thanks again

Take a look here b'Restyling a Plotly figure, via a dropdow | empet | Plotly' to see the exact position.

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This worked perfectly! Thank you so much for your help - really appreciated!

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