Single Page App - How to change location?

I have an index of four titles, my single page app is in report format - 6 pages long. It is a scroll type app.

I want to be able to click a title Tile 1 on the first pseudo-page after which I want it to automatically scroll to another page, similar to what can be seen in markdown with Page#.

In essence I just want to jump to another location.

Use the ‘dcc.Link’ component

I am not sure this would fully help as I need a scroll effect, if I click through the link component I would need to substitute content in divs, instead something similar to the datable glitch would be preferred. - Unless I can somehow use Link to Link me to the Location on the app with an id reference to the component ?

Ahh okay, I can just use html.A(‘Navigate To Page’ , href=’#page-2’)

page … (id=‘page-2’)

Very neat