Single dropdown box controlling graphs on multiple tabs


I am working on a fluid dynamics project where I am simulating different flow conditions, I need to create a dashboard where I can select a specific case from a dropdown box and then show a selection of graphs for that case.

There are a lot of graphs so I would like to have a set of tabs where each tab has a few graphs, but all graphs are controlled by a single dropdown box.

I have achieved this but every time I change tab, nothing comes up on the graphs until I re-select something in the dropdown box.

I have the normal file structure for a multipage app

In each app I have a certain layout with a few graphs and a callback which updates the graphs. The problem is when I select a tab and call the layout from the app, it doesnt automatically trigger the callback to update the graph.

I’m assuming this is the type of task people have done before so any advice on this would be appreciated


I search this about 3 day, before. And you are lucky because I see your question :smiley:

I learned from this video:
If you cant do it well write again. Im at work now but when i can write an example to you.