Simple Contour plot with many 'null' values in z matrix


I have a table with 3 columns (input1, input2, output) and 1000 rows filled with only numbers and I would like to draw a Simple Contour Plot using these data.
From what I understood to draw correctly the chart, x and y (input1 and input2 arrays are 1000 elements each one) should be ordered incrementally and z formatted as a matrix (1000x1000 = 1x10^6 elements). Since data I use are taken from my table, I have not a million of points to put inside z matrix (output has 1000 elements), so I tried to use connectgaps attribute set to true to interpolate missing points: in this way I have a matrix with 1000 points taken from original table and 999.000 points set to null. Doing so, browser crashes and I’m not able to see the chart (I must kill browser tab!).
If I use a smaller table (e.g. input1, input2, output, with 100 elements each one; so z matrix is 10.000 elements) all works properly.
Unfortunately I have not a function to calculate z in every point, I have only table data.

I’m doing something wrong? Is there a limit number or a percentage of null that I can pass to z matrix? Does exist a way to draw Simple Contour plot chart with so many not defined numbers in z matrix?

Thanks in advance!

is probably on the high end of what contours + connectgaps can do.

Would you mind sharing a reproducible example to help us investigate?

Here I used the example from the site (Simple Contour Plot) and added null values with a probability of 90% in z matrix. To reproduce the behaviour just change the var size from 100 to 1000.

Thanks in advance