Showing same time series data with different local timezones to users in different timezones

I have users across time zones using the app. How can I show the time series data in their respective timezones (labelled as such on the x-axis?). Without that, it’s causing a lot of confusion.

Thanks in advance.

After investigating this, I feel the only way this is possible is to have a new Dash component that exposes the user side time zone/calendar info to the python code.

Since I have no knowledge yet for that stuff, looks like that’ll have to wait until someone does it.

Hey, Never done something like this, so maybe I misunderstand your problem. But I would try to extract the timezone from the http call that your user do to reach your web-app.

And then format your data with this information before ploting

I understand, but I don’t think there’s an easy way to do that in the Dash framework. HTTP Call will have an IP and I am not sure how to go from there or if I even have access to that once the request reaches the app.