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Showing a plot from inside a docker container

I am a new user of Plotly. (I plan to learn how to use Dash later).
I am trying it, and I have been able to show some plots using google Colab.
I have also been able to show a simple plot in a browser from a virtual environment in my ubuntu machine.

I am now trying to do the same from inside a docker container but failing to do so. So I have the following questions

  1. What is the standard way to run plotly from inside a docker container? (a sample would help a lot)
  2. Why when running from a virtual environment, I got the plot every time in a different port? Is this the default behavior? Isn’t there a default port?

P.S. I have began reading this about renderers so I have come to understand about this. In my ubuntu virtual environment I could see (by calling pio.renderers) that my default renderer was “browser” while inside the container the default was ‘’ which I guess explains some failure. However I changed it to browser but then got the error “Could not locate runnable browser”

as for other renderers I tried png but got the error “psutil required” and later “orca required”

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