Show Uploaded filename next to Upload box

I am using dcc.Upload simillar as in this example.

In my app I have two upload fields in one column.

What I want to do is show filename next to the upload field eg html.Div([filename])
but in my column all elements like headers are hidden after this upload box or are below last one.

Is there any way to print this message next to this Upload box? on his right side ?
Thanks in advice


Sorry but I couldn’t understand this, can you share a screenshot of your app or maybe code.

You can use the filename property of the dcc.Upload to display the name of uploaded files.

hi, the code is same as first on example page, so from other hand, am I able to display uploaded filename or any message inside upload box? or its only possible using du.Upload for large files? thanks

No dcc.Upload doesn’t support displaying the filename inside the upload field. You are better off using the du.Upload component for this.