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Show shapes below traces and above grid

With reference to there was talk of allowing shapes to be drawn below traces and above the grid, but the issue was closed after this comment “is this still relevant in an image trace-type world?”. I don’t understand what the comment meant, but…
I have several traces and some thin coloured horizontal lines that I want to show above the grids and below the traces. You can see those in the picture that aren’t on the grids lines clearly, but the others are almost hidden.
I’m currently using layer:‘below’ on the shapes, but that puts them behind the grid lines so they’re almost invisible. Any help appreciated, thanks


@nicolaskruchten can you please help?

Hi there,

So we did not implement the “between” option, and the cryptic exchange there was because we added an image trace type, meaning that for images, you can now add an image trace on top of the grid lines and then subsequent traces on top of that. Hence “no longer relevant” for the image case. For the shape case, this is still relevant, as you show above, so I’ll reopen the issue.

That said, as a workaround, you could use line traces instead of shapes here, as they will render above the grid lines, and you can layer additional traces on top of them?

Thanks for the reply.
If I used line traces, I guess I’d use the same x values, turn all hover info off and set all the y values to be the same with mode = lines?