Show only 30 minutes worth of data at a time in a dynamic line plot

Plotly is awesome!

First time posting here too…I am creating a vertical line plot (Well Log Timeseries) with date on the Y-axis and values on the X-axis. I want the date axis range to always show 30-minutes worth of trace at any given time in realtime, with the plot slowly animating or panning upwards to compensate.

Built with react and websocket. We’re plotting over 100,000 points in 30 minutes.

I have tried all kinds of hack with no solution. As the plot gets really packed together, it becomes very difficult to make sense of it without scroll. We want operators in the Control Room to only see 30 minutes plot at any given time without panning.

Any option to programmatically pan the plot area upward/downwards will be appreciated…as trace direction is downwards.