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Show and Tell: ClientSide Callback javascript syntax highlighting in Python Multi-line Strings

Hello All,

I have created an extension in VS code which will inject syntax highlighting for javascript within multi-line python strings.

When developing clientside callbacks in Dash Apps, I have found that the lack of syntax highlighting makes it difficult to troubleshoot javascript code when passing that code as a string.

Here is an example of the syntax, all you have to do is add //js at the beginning of your multi-line string and ;// at the end of the string and vscode will pick up the default javascript syntax highlighting.



Here is the link to the repo if anyone wants to contribute or finds any bugs with the extension.

Thank you,
Steven King


This is a godsend! Thank you. Already using it, works great!

This is so great, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you Chris, I hope it’s helpful for people.

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