Show a new menu when button is checked without Dash

I have a dict of dict with some informations about data organised like that :

{‘Flower’ : {‘Rose’: {‘red’ : 3, ‘yellow’ : 2, ‘rose’ : ‘6’}}, ‘Daisy’: {‘yellow’ : 6, ‘violet’ : 3}}

I would like to provide an interactive menu to users to plot all flowers, or only roses, or only red roses.
There is a lot of data so I would like to create a menu that will update depending of the input, for example if Flower is selected show all type of flower.
A plus would be to also allow the user to select all flower colors.

Is that possible without Dash ? I would like an easy way to share it and html format seems perfect for me because everybody can open it without manipulation or need to connect to a local url.

Thank you for any tips you can provide.