Shiny app how to get shape x, y, radius values while is drawing

Hi, I am building a shiny R app that have a heatmap and I want to add the ability to draw circles in the way that lasso and box_select works, it is used not to draw the shape but to get points/coordinates inside the circle, at the same time I want to add the radius of the shape while is drawing. After drawing, the shape will be deleted. The idea is that the heatmap is more like an image and the user will select the area of interest inside the plot. the coordinates are used to collect information from different products at those coordinates inside the circle.
I can get the coordinates using plotly_relayout but that only gives me the final shape and not while is drawing. Is there a way to do it using plotly.js? only when using drawcircle

Shape information is stored in layer.layout.shapes