Sharing the same dataframe accross multi page app

Hi all,

Is it possible to share the same dataframe across all pages so that the ETL only happens once?

I see is not recommended for bigger data.

Any help will be appreciated.

HI @EhanGreens133 , welcome to the forums.

You can use a dcc.Store server side:

Results form the forum search (extract):

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How can I convert

app = DashProxy(transforms=[ServersideOutputTransform()])

as in the example to:

app = dash.Dash(name, use_pages=True, external_stylesheets=[dbc.themes.SPACELAB])

As is the case with my multi page app?

You can use the same arguments as far as I know, did you try?

app = DashProxy(

@AIMPED , Thank you let me try that.

Do you know of any limitations, dataframe size?

@EhanGreens133, no I don’t know about any limitations.

The only limit is what the backend can handle. Using the filesystem (which is the default), you should be able to work with GB-size dataframes, assuming you have a fast disk with enough free space.

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