Sharing data in a multipage app

Hi fellows,

I’m working with a dcc.Location component with two different URLs, “Home Page | Page Group” and “Home Page | Page Group”;

I’m using the same pattern of the documentation, but it’s not sharing the I change from /static to /animate

The structure of layout:

The callback of Location/url component

What do I need to do to share the data between the multipage app?

I would be very grateful if someone can help me with this problem.

Best Regards,

You can have a dcc.Store component in your base layout that would save the changes and then have layout_static and layout_animation defined as functions that take the dcc.Store's data to apply the changes to each layout.

Without knowing more of what is going to be changed/what is similar between the two layouts it is difficult to give you more advice.

Hi buddy, thank you for you answer.

I will try to explain the application:

I will start through the /static url… So, I will set the desired data, and click on “submit”, so it will query on DB and return a dateset with 24 rows and 17 columns. As you can see on screenshot below:

So, if the user click on “Go to Animation” button, it will change to the /animation and loads the layout_animation, where I will use the same table to create an animated chart;

I tried to find more informations about doing it with a function, but I can’t… I would be absolutelly grateful if you can give me more informations about how can I do it.

Feel free to request more information if needed; Thank you very much Renaud

Hey broo,

I did it only by setting the dcc.Location to “refresh=False” and it’s now working well !!!


Anyway, thank you very much for your attention and feel free to give some alternatives that can be better for this problem!!!