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Shapes only appear after zoom, not initially

So I’ve added some shapes, which don’t appear initially but only after I zoom, when I zoom back out they’re still present after they’ve appeared.
Code I’ve used:

    var layout = {
                    dragmode: 'select',
                    showlegend: true,
                    yaxis: {
                        // autorange: true,
                        fixedrange: true,
                        tickformat: "0.8f"
                    shapes: (entries ? entries : undefined),
                    xaxis: {
                        autorange: true,
                        fixedrange: false,
                        rangeslider: {
                            visible: false,
      Plotly.newPlot('graph', data, layout, {scrollZoom:true});

Any clues as to how I can resolve this? Thanks in advance!

That shouldn’t happen. Would you mind sharing your entries array to make your snippet reproducible?

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I just found out that those entries were populated afterwards, since both functions (the one drawing the graph and the one feeding the data into the entries) return promises, I put them in the wrong order :unamused:, so what was happening is that I drew the graph first with no entries, then the entries were populated when the graph was drawn, and then by zooming I probably redrew the graph somehow so that the entries were there. Sorry and thanks again, perhaps someone ends up making the same mistake :smiley:

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