Shapes. Annotation

I’ve created a small example plot. I want to get hovering labels tied to the shapes, not to the dots (and hide all the infromation about them), just like here.

Is it possible to do here in plotly?

Hover labels can’t currently be tied to shapes. You’ll have to use a scatter trace for hover like this example:

So I see there is no way to create your own choropleth map with custom shapefile… :pensive:

I’ve created this one and that one but they have some drawbacks. The first one have hovering labels over centers of mass, but not over geometric centers. Also shapes are parts of layout, not of the data. The second one has hovering labels over traces (borders) of shapes.

Hi smjepard,
did you solve your issue? I’m facing the same problem but it seems that hover labels can’t currently be tied to shapes still now. It would be great to create custom choropleth map from shapefile!