Setup Dropdown with two subplot figure

Iโ€™m trying to concatenate two figure subplots in Plotly, but Iโ€™m encountering issues because the datasets used in the two subplots donโ€™t have the same datetime in the x-axis and layout. Additionally, Iโ€™m using widgets to switch between the data subplots.

My ultimate goal is to switch from a dataset to an other thanks to widget label, please find the code here :

fig1 = make_subplots(rows=1, cols=3)
fig1 = tracer_courbes(fig1, 1, DATA_PREVIOUS_A, DATA_PREVIOUS_A_02, DATA_CURRENT_A)

fig2 = make_subplots(rows=1, cols=3)
fig2 = tracer_courbes(fig2, 1, _DATA_PREVIOUS_A, _DATA_PREVIOUS_A_02, _DATA_CURRENT_A)

# Update layout for figure 1
fig1.update_layout(title_text="Subplot 1",

# Update layout for figure 2
fig2.update_layout(title_text="Subplot 2",

# Adjust x-axis and y-axis ranges to match each other

# Create a dropdown menu to select between figures
dropdown = [
    {'label': 'Subplot 1', 'method': 'update', 'args': [{'visible': [True, True, True]}, {'title': 'Subplot 1'}]},
    {'label': 'Subplot 2', 'method': 'update', 'args': [{'visible': [True, True, True]}, {'title': 'Subplot 2'}]}

# Combine the two figures into one
fig = go.Figure( +, layout=fig1.layout)

# Add dropdown menu to switch between figures
fig.update_layout(updatemenus=[{'buttons': dropdown,
                                'direction': 'down',
                                'showactive': True,
                                'x': 0.1,
                                'xanchor': 'left',
                                'y': 1.1,
                                'yanchor': 'top'}])

someone has the right way to do it without dash please ?

Hi @Eng-DATA_FR ,

Can you provide us data samples, which will help us a lot to reproduce your issues.

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