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Setting row heights and column widths in table subplot

I’ve added a table to a subplot using the following methodology.

figure = tools.make_subplots(rows=3, cols=2, subplot_titles=(“xChart”, “yChart”,
specs=[[{}, {}],
[{“rowspan”: 2, “colspan”: 2}, None],
[None, None],
ff_table = ff.create_table(…, height_constant=30)

figure.append_trace(ff_table[“data”][0], 2, 1)
figure[‘layout’][‘xaxis3’] = dict(figure[‘layout’][‘xaxis3’], **ff_table[‘layout’][‘xaxis’])
figure[‘layout’][‘yaxis3’] = dict(figure[‘layout’][‘yaxis3’], **ff_table[‘layout’][‘yaxis’])

for k in range(len(ff_table[‘layout’][‘annotations’])):
ff_table[‘layout’][‘annotations’][k].update(xref=‘x3’, yref=‘y3’)


However, the height_constant is not honoured in a subplot and when the table has many rows, the rows get all squashed up. is there a way to set this row height in the subplot and simply have the table scrollable?

Similarly, how do i set the column widths of this table in the subplot?

Apologies if this is a simple question, I’m new to this!