Setting Input value dynamically

Is it possible to set the value of the Input component dynamically?

I’m trying set the value to a previous values stored in localstorage.
The following does not work (gives error: Error loading dependencies)

    Output('input-title', 'value'),
    [Input('local', 'modified_timestamp')],
    [State('local', 'data')]
def on_data(ts, data):
        return data['title']
    except ValueError:
        return ""

It would be great if someone would reply to this post, even with a link to the docs page that shows how to do it (i.e. test for and load existing localStorage data on app initial pageLoad) .

I haven’t found the information yet either, and here is this brilliant question that summarizes exactly what I am trying to do. Anyone?

Can you post a complete example demonstrating the issue?