Setting a custom axis scale for plotly

Hi, all,

I would like to create a plot with a nonlinear x-scale, similar to having logarithmic axes, but specifically with the function 1/x. I need this because I want to create a plot with two x-axes, one with one set of physical units (x, in units of nanometers for the wavelength of photon of light), and another with a different set of physical units that are a constant divided by those units (electron volts, calculated by 1240.0/x).

Axes with this kind of 1/x scale don’t appear to be a default option for scatterplots in plotly in the same way as a log scale. Is there a way to set custom axes in plotly?

Thank you!

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Hey @David_Colds,
have you figured out the solution? I would like to do a similar thing.

Hello everybody. Has there been any progress? We are using plotly in work and are in need of similar thing - we’d like to use an axis logit scale (not the same as log scale, see i.e. Matplotlib logit axis. I know only very approximately where to look and start. Any suggestions of required steps, regarding axis scale customization, would be greatly appreciated.