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Set Trace selected via callback

Hey everyone how can I set/trigger the selected property of the Figure-Trace in Python via a callback ?

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Hi @smartLife in a callback you need to update the whole figure, that is create a figure object with data (including the trace of interest) and layout and pass it to the figure property of a dcc.Graph in the output of the callback.

ok I got it, thank you. I have to set the clickmode=‘select’ and manipulate the selectedpoints in the data
Here is a toy-example if somebody needs:

import dash
import dash_core_components as dcc
import dash_html_components as html
from dash.dependencies import Output, Input, State

external_stylesheets = ['']

app = dash.Dash(__name__, external_stylesheets=external_stylesheets)

app.layout = html.Div(children=[

        Dash: A web application framework for Python.
    html.Button('Select A', id='button1'),

            'data': [
                {'x': ['A'], 'y': [5], 'type': 'bar', 'name': 'A'},
                {'x': ['B'], 'y': [7], 'type': 'bar', 'name': 'B'},

            'layout': {
                'clickmode' : 'event+select',
                'hovermode': 'closest',


@app.callback(Output(component_id='example_graph', component_property='figure'),
              [Input(component_id='button1', component_property='n_clicks')],
              [State(component_id='example_graph', component_property='figure')])
def update_output1(n_clicks, fig_state):

    if n_clicks is not None:
        fig_state['data'][0]['selectedpoints']= [0]
        fig_state['data'][1]['selectedpoints']= []

    return  fig_state

if __name__ == '__main__':
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